The Meals

A part of our mission is to improve the capabilities of the students. We believe that good nutrition is essential to maximize their potential for learning. An essential part of our service is the provision of a daily meal.

Your donations help to provide a nutritional meal for every student on every school day. These meals are designed to be well balanced, containing proteins, vegetables, fruits and a milk for a beverage. For some of our students, this is the healthiest meal they will have in the day.

On an average day, we feed over 90 children and staff.  We have been very lucky to have the profits from our annual Fashion Show/Silent Auction and Behind the Walls Home Tours to cover these expenses

School Facilities

The school is located on a large tract of land on the eastern border of Jocotepec in the state of Jalisco. Approximately half of the property contains classrooms and offices. The property also contains 9 classrooms, 5 cubicles, a library, courtyard and dining area, a parade ground, and a large grassy play area. The property also contains 8 classrooms, a central courtyard and dining area, a parade ground and a large grassy play area.

As landlords, we are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the school property and buildings. The maintenance includes all aspects of the care of the property such as:
keeping the grounds clean and the vegetation trimmed
making sure all systems such as water, lights, etc. are functioning well
making the school secure and taking steps to prevent vandalism and theft

We have accomplished a lot, completing many projects in 2019.  Even though the buildings were constructed many years ago we have:

  • Remodeled the boys and girls bathrooms and the teachers bathroom
  • repainted the buildings on the outside
  • replaced and added new fixtures throughout
  • repaired concrete and sidewalks in the courtyard and all around the buildings
repaired the kitchen adding new shelving and a barbecue grill
  • remodeled and improved the special projects/art room
  • added new playground equipment
  • In addition, we are faced with the challenge of providing facilities for an ever expanding student population. We have seen a significant increase in the numbers of students enrolled. Moreover, the school is trying to provide much greater variety in its programs. Thus we are providing programs to children and their families as young as 40 days old, to students of school age and also to young adults for work transition programs.

    Specifically we continue to need funds for more classrooms to support the greater number of students.

    Educational Services

    In conjunction with others, we assist with three main educational services:
    1. We connect with Sacudee in Mexico and doctors in Houston for hearing impairment issues.

    2, We help with basic education programs by working in conjunction with the government, school staff, and parents.

    3. We also are active in finding work transition programs for our older students.